Real Estate Program

If you’re helping your client buy or sell a home, you want to ensure the home is in the best shape possible to make sure the closing goes smoothly.

A Trusted Partner


We support local realtors by providing free, comprehensive roof inspections to ensure the integrity and value of the homes being bought or sold. Our expert service offers detailed assessments and reports, aiding realtors and homeowners alike in making confident, informed decisions in their real estate transactions.

How Can We Help You?

If there’s anything wrong with the roof, it can cause delays in your sales process, which could potentially lose you the deal, or greatly extend the time-frame that you get paid your commission.

That’s why we offer free roof inspections for our local realtor partners!

Package Details

Pay At Closing

In the event that the customer is needing to utilize funds from the sale of the home,

Status Roofing LLC will assist in completing the repairs prior to closing. We will collect funding STATUS ROOFING  after the closing of the home from the title company.

Fully Transferable Labor Warranty

Status Roofing LLC will transftehre remaining labor warranty (1) time to the new home owner. Buyers and sellers will have peace of mind with our warranty program.